Cleanse - Total Body Cleanse


  • The name says it all! Our bodies are constantly consuming, absorbing, breathing, touching, existing in molecules that would be considered “foreign”. you have heard of oxidizers or free radicals……basically just fancier names for oxygen induced breakdown that tries to cause harm to our biological make-up*. we try to eat clean, drink lots of water, sweat It out through exercise, get plenty of rest and wash Our hands when meeting strangers – but sometimes we need to do even more.
  • Cleanse is just that…..more! We combined leaves, bark, roots, husks and herbs in a comprehensive blend to help your bodies vital systems combat free radicals that can sometimes accumulate in our body*. your total body flush can start with cleanse*
  • These compounds have been known to target free radicals*: cape Aloe – gastrointestinal system* white oak – known for its astringent properties* slippery Elm – urinary tract and bowels* blue vervain – liver, gallbladder and upper respiratory tract* Gentian – sinus* psyllium – a well-known prebiotic that supports digestion* Senna – helps keep water in the intestines which aids proper bowel movements* Goldenseal – immune system*
  • They say that the gut and intestines are ground zero for filtering the aforementioned foreign substances, so cleanse targets that system and more*
  • Whether you are starting a new Culinary lifestyle, been on the road and eating out too long, are addicted to bacon mushroom cheeseburgers from the local diner, or just want to give your system a helping hand*……cleanse by Weider is a great place to start.