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Weider Microbiotics, 1.65 Billion Colony-Forming Units, 15 Strains of Unique Probiotics for Men, Women, and Children Ages 4+, Gut Health, Immune Support, 30 Pre-Portioned “to go” Packets


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  • POWERFUL PROBIOTIC POWDER: Each strain in this supplement helps to supply clean nutritional support.
  • ADVANCED PROBIOTICS: Made with freeze-dried technology, our daily powder probiotic dissolves quickly.
  • GUT & IMMUNE PROBIOTIC: Give your body complete support: immune, digestive, and full-body balance.
  • PORTABLE NUTRITION: Individually wrapped and pre-portioned, these supplements can go anywhere.
  • ORANGE FLAVOR: Featuring a delicious orange flavor, these stick packs will please the whole family (4+).



The BACO 17 Difference:

Unlike most probiotic strains that enter into the gut microbiota, assist momentarily then begin to die off, BACO 17 attaches to the side wall of the gut and creates a colony of proliferation. This is the determining factor behind building a strong and resilient environment within the gut to aid in digestion, immune health, inflammation and more.


  • Unique strain developed
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Tolerant to gastric acid arrive alive
  • High living probiotic colonies
  • Able to produce lactic acid aids digestion


Weider's Microbiotics probiotic powder stick packs feature 15 unique strains of probiotics and 1.65 billion CFU (colony-forming units), all packed in a delicious orange-flavored powder that dissolves quickly in liquid. Made with patented freeze-dried granular technology, this powder dissolves quickly and easily in your mouth, water or juice. The individually packaged and pre-portioned stick packs of probiotic powder make it easy to take a nutritional boost on the go. Featuring a delicious orange flavor, these supplements will be a great addition to your purse, backpack, or lunch bag. Delivering 1.65 billion CFU per serving, this food supplement can help to support gut health, immune function, and more. Add this Probiotic to your health and wellness supplies so you can give your body the support it needs. This box includes 30 individually wrapped stick packs that you can use at home, at the office, or out running errands. Whenever you need a probiotic boost, pour into your mouth or add a packet to your water bottle and enjoy the benefits of high-quality probiotics.At Weider, our mission is to provide you with the best nutritional supplements so you can live a healthy life. With over 80 years of experience in this industry, we have come to understand the importance of using only the highest-quality, most trusted ingredients in all our products. Whether you want a probiotics boost daily or occasionally, Weider's Microbiotics orange-flavored probiotic powder is convenient, is effective, and provides powerful support.