Injured? Your Diet Could Be The Reason

You’ve been cross-training for months and are just about ready for the big day of your race, only to twist your ankle and find yourself icing on the couch instead of at the starting line.

While some think injuries are a direct result of over-training, you might be surprised to find that injuries are often a sign of a nutritional imbalance. After all, your diet creates the foundation of your body structure, so proper nourishment is crucial.

Athletes who prioritize quality, whole foods are able to establish a strong defense against muscle strains and tears. We selected four easy eating tips you can incorporate into your diet that will aid in injury prevention.

Don’t Skimp Out on Fat

Fat has a bad reputation, but it’s vital to create healthy cell membranes that are resistant to damage during exercise. Select healthy fats like Omega-3s, to help your athletic joins and tissues stay nourished and happy. Try incorporating foods like fish and nuts to get your daily amount.

Water, water, and more water

Your body will not perform well during strenuous exercise if you are dehydrated. Not only will a lack of water make you feel thirsty or faint, but dehydrated joints and tissues are also more susceptible to tears and injury. Proper water consumption is vital, so be sure to hydrate proficiently before and after a workout.

Eat Enough Zinc

Zinc is a key mineral found in foods like red meat, brown rice, and lentils. This mineral plays an integral role in boosting your immune system. Additionally, if you do get injured, zinc is great for healing tissues and wounds.

Power Up on Protein

Amino acids are essential for muscle repair after a workout. Lean meats, eggs, and fish are all great foods to consume after a workout, as they help with inflammation. You can also try incorporating a high-quality protein like Weider Global’s Whey Ultimate protein powder for an easy to digest source that is absorbed quickly into your body.

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