WEIDER Global Branches 

Weider Germany GmbH
Postfach 106 504
20044 Hamburg
Tel: +49(0) 40 / 21 90 80 0
Website: www.weider-germany.de
Weider Nutrition S.L.
Calle Electronica 39
Tel: + 34 91 875 70  66 E-mail: info@weider.es
Website: www.weider.es
261, Seokgwan 2-Dong, Sungbuk-Gu
Seoul, 136-819, Korea
Weider South Africa
61 Main Street
Bordeaux, Randburg, Johannesburg 2194
Tel.: +27 11 886 2932
Fax: +27 11 886 3047
Website: http://www.weider.co.za
Email: queries@happi.co.za
A Division of Sport Health and Fitness Technologies (Pty) Ltd


“WGN apologizes to its loyal customers for any confusion they experience with regard to fitness equipment bearing the Weider trademark. Weider Health and Fitness sold its equipment business to Icon Health and Fitness in 1994 and provided Icon with a license to use the trademark Weider on fitness equipment manufactured, marketed and sold by them. Although we cannot speak for Icon Health and Fitness in regard to issues of their quality and manufacturing, WGN customers can be assured that Weider supplements are of the highest quality, and all issues involving WGN supplements will be handled personally and immediately. WGN is owned by Weider Health and Fitness, Eric Weider, chairman and CEO.”