Effortless Egg Cups!

Starting off 2017 with a protein packed breakfast!  *Preheat oven to 350 degrees  *Take a muffin tin sheet, spray each tin with coconut oil. *Crack desired amount of eggs into each tin.  *Season with salt and pepper.  *Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (or less if you like the center runny).  *Take a fork to lift out the eggs.  *Add a side of protein for extra awesomeness!  *Extra protein points for a glass of Whey Ultimate!  Here's to a healthy 2017!!!  

Cranberry Crush

Cranberry Christmas Crush! Add some life to your holiday party without the alcohol!  Ingredients: *2 scoops of Crush Maximum Pre-workout *1/2 cup ice *Handful of cranberries *Top with lime and mint... enjoy!  

Chocolate Coconut Protein Donuts!

Chocolate Coconut Protein Donuts! The holiday season giving you a sweet tooth!? Well just add some Whey Ultimate protein powder to this easy recipe! Saturdays are cheat days right? Ingredients: *Chocolate cake mix (yes, its cake, but it's easy. Oh and these are baked! Not fried!) *1 egg *1/4 Cup of vegetable oil (I used coconut oil) *1 Cup of water *3 Scoops of Whey Ultimate protein, Chocolate Milk *Whisk all ingredients *Put mix into a donut tray (I bought one on Amazon for $20) *B...

Mocha Madness Protein Smoothie

Mocha Madness Protein Smoothie! -Ingredients: *1 scoop of 100% Ultimate Whey Mocha Madness *Ice *1 cup of almond milk *1 Banana *Handful of spinach 22 grams of protein and packed with nutrients!

Wonderful Protein Packed Waffles

Wonderful Protein Packed Waffles -Ingredients: *1/2 cup coconut flour *2 Scoops of 100% Whey Ultimate Protein Vanilla * TBS baking powder *1 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk *4 eggs *4 TBS butter or coconut oil, melted *Top with blueberries or favorite fruit *Coconut Oil Spray (Makes about 6 waffles) 7 Grams of Protein Per Waffle!

Britt’s Peanut Butter Protein Krispy Bombs!

Britt’s Peanut Butter Protein Krispy Bombs! Always trying to come up with clever ways to sneak protein into any meal! Even dessert! (Makes approx. 9 cups) Ingredients: *4 cups of crispy cereal *1 cup of peanut butter or almond butter *Pure Maple Syrup for binder (or other sugary syrup of choice) *Coconut oil *Vanilla 100% Whey Ultimate Protein Powder Instructions: -Mix cereal with peanut butter, syrup, and 2 scoops of protein powder -Put into cupcake mold -Place in refrigerator for 30 min...

Protein packed pumpkin spice smoothie!

IT'S SCARY GOOD! Protein packed pumpkin spice smoothie! -Ingredients: *1 scoop Vanilla 100% Whey Ultimate Protein *1/2 cup of pumpkin puree *Cup of almond milk *Ice *Pumpkin spice flavoring *Topped with your favorite crunched candy! (22 grams of protein)