8 Signs of Low Testosterone

Like many other health concerns, low testosterone comes with plenty of warning signs that men should pay attention to. Guys may joke around about testosterone levels, but it can truly affect their health and overall wellbeing, so it’s nothing to laugh at. According to research published by CBS News, low amounts of this male hormone can lead to a number of illnesses, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Luckily, there are beneficial supplements that support testosterone balance, such as Weider Prime, which contains KSM-66 to improve hormone levels in men, Chromax to improve lean muscle mass, and Bioperine to increase absorption of nutrients like vitamin B6. Low “T” can be detected by a simple blood test, but take your Weider Prime supplements and keep an eye on a few other signs (below) to be in the know when it comes to your testosterone.

Fatigue. There’s a difference between being tired at the end of a long day and being completely depleted of energy no matter how rested you are. If you’re tired all the time, that’s a good sign there might be a testosterone deficit.

Loss of motivation. On top of fatigue, men with low testosterone levels can experience a lack of will or desire to get anything done. With this diminished energy comes side effects of laziness and loss of drive, and it’s nothing to ignore.

Mood instability. Some men might mistake low testosterone for depression. While, sometimes, it can be both, often men with lower “T” feel inexplicably down and can go from high highs to the lowest of lows in an instant and without reason.

Easily irritable. Lack of testosterone means an imbalance of hormones, which messes with moods. The littlest annoyances can become enormous bothers with low “T,” and grouchiness often ensues. If you are suddenly easily irritated, it may be time to see the doctor.

Absence of sex drive. Testosterone, simply put, fuels a man’s sex drive, and with lower levels of it, men can become less interested in having sex. Of course, sex drive differs man to man, but specialists say that when men have low testosterone, their sex drive is totally absent.

Genital numbness. Not to get too graphic here, but low “T” levels can often result in what men describe as a numbness in their nether regions. Feeling most likely won’t be completely gone, but certain nerves that normally activate with healthy testosterone levels won’t experience the same, should we say, spark.

Loss of muscle mass. Men don’t automatically become weaklings when they lose testosterone, but they certainly don’t feel as strong as they were before. Some men even notice reduced size in their arm, leg, and chest muscles, and even when they workout, it can be tough to regain muscle mass with low testosterone.

Increased body fat. With less muscle mass due to low “T” often comes more body fat, unfortunately. Many men especially notice extra weight around their midsection.

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