New Year, New You: How to Jumpstart Your Fitness & Health Routine in 2018

A new year brings with it several emotions: excitement, motivation, hope. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, too, especially if you have big goals and ambitious resolutions you want to conquer.

Getting into shape and practicing healthier nutrition and lifestyle routines are among the most popular objectives for folks to set when another January rolls around. But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re a breeze to achieve. In fact, many times people set almost too lofty of goals and get overwhelmed after a few months, leaving their resolutions in the dust.

It’s key to set goals that are measurable and achievable—that’s not to say they’re easy, but they have to be feasible actions that you can keep up with week in and week out. Our team has put together a list of attainable goals as suggestions for people who want to make health and fitness a regular part of their lives come 2018.

Read on to see which actions you can incorporate into your routine to jumpstart your health and fitness goals.

Start small. If you’re not big into fitness, start by going on 30-minute walks or to beginner group workout classes a few days a week. Maybe nutrition is tougher for you to tackle—try kicking desserts for a month or reducing your meal and snack portion sizes. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean you completely rework every aspect of your life; it’s about making small shifts, one by one, that improve your overall wellbeing and become habitual parts of your life.

Make room for more protein and complex carbs. Protein assists in building and repairing tissue in the body, and complex carbs provide energy and fiber to fuel your workouts, or even just a full day of work. Instead of a breakfast of coffee and a bagel, swap in a protein shake using our 100% Whey Ultimate Protein to boost your brain and body performance. This will keep you full and energized until it’s time for your next healthy snack or meal.

Find a workout that works for you. Not everyone is in to cycling, and likewise, some people only enjoy a boot camp class to get their sweat on. Discovering what works for your body, schedule, and personality is vital to sticking with a workout regimen. Take January to test out some different workout styles and find one that fits your lifestyle and budget best. For a quick boost before your workout, try our Amino Spark pre-workout powder to support mental alertness and increase muscle-buffering capability.

Remove temptation. It’s simple to pick a healthy snack if that’s all that’s in your fridge and pantry. While it’s totally acceptable to treat yourself, even while pursuing a healthier wellbeing, it’s best to keep guilty-pleasure treats (think: ice cream, chips, chocolate, etc.) out of the house while you’re forming new health habits. Replace them with lower consequence foods, like veggies with hummus, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, or low-fat yogurt.
January 03, 2018 by hawke media

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